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Real Fruit Grantia Mix

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Alaska Cool Grantia Mix is an Italian style fruit slush that is despensed through a visual display
grantia (slush) machine.It is made with a combination of a concentrated lemon base and premium
flavours to give you the truest fruit taste possible.

Pricing: $48.90 per case, including flavoring. Each case contains six
1 litre lemon base bottles. Plus one 1 litre flavour bottle.
Yield: 54 liters per case (9 litres per bottle)
Cost: 2.3 cents per ounce/.90 cents per litre.
Shipping: Free delivery with orders of 4 cases or more.
Terms: Net 30 days. (First order C.O.D.)
Flavour list for grantia mix
Strawberry Mango
Cranberry Raspberry
Kiwi Lime Blackberry
Blue Raspberry Strawberry Banana

Cafe Granita Mix

roasted coffee beansroasted coffee beans

Cafe' Granita is a dry mix iced cappuccino to be prepared in a granita machine or high speed bar blender. It is formulated to give you a taste indistinguishable from a mix made with fresh espressand milk. Cafe' Granita can be mixed with water or milk, both with excellent results. For a longer lasting non-dairy product, you simply add water to the mix; for an even richer taste, you substitute some of the water with milk.
Cafe' Granita is now available in 4 liter jars; all you need to do to prepare the perfect mix is add water (or milk) in the jar and shake. Cafe' Granita minimizes preparation time, bacteria growth, and freeze-up problems associated with other mixes.

Packaging: 1 kg bags, 12 per case 4 lt bottles, 6 per case
Price: $10.50 per bag. $9.50 per bottle.
Yield: 4.7 liters, 160 oz. 4 liters, 135 oz.
Cost per ounce: 6.5 cents. 7.0 cents
Cost per liter: $2.23 $2.37
Shipping: Free delivery with orders of 2 cases or more.
Terms: Net 30 days upon credit approval. First order is